Universe Series:Title:Medium:Author/Director:Year:Chronological Significance:
Omniverse MythsOmniverse MythsShort StoriesKeoki Le Monday2022‘The Spiral’ and ‘The Dot’
Earth-94 UniverseEarth-94Short StoriesKeoki Le Monday2022-Ongoing‘Protocol Gen-8.21
Drive-In UniverseThe Bear DestinationMicromationKeoki Le Monday2022N/A
Drive-In UniverseThe Manifestation of BoogieMicromationKeoki Le Monday2022N/A
Keoki’s Psyche UniverseMad GodsAnthologyKeoki Le Monday2023N/A


View our recorded timelines of major events that have transpired on Earth-94, in the Omniverse Myths, and crossovers between a multitude of properties that involve our characters.


Go beyond the central world of Earth-94 and explore a collection of dark underbelly myths in our omniverse! Learn about our eccentric deities, fearless heroes, courageous survivors, and mysterious technology that is unbeknownst to many.


Brace yourself for the engaging carnage and organized chaos that Earth-94 shocks visitors of its reality with. Nothing heartfelt is left on the table while everything that grounds the grotesque darkness of too-close-to-comfort themes is shoved down the throats of innocent minds that haven’t been exposed to unforgivable paths of life.


Explore the library of characters from our universes. The sadistic vigilantes, interdimensional bounty hunters, sociopathic mercenaries, augmented soldiers, conflicted capes, relentless conquerors, and victims of unbelievable circumstances.


In our P.A.N.T.H.E.R. (Precise Aptitude Necessary Toward Honing Evolutionary Rise) Exam, you will be asked ten multiple-choice questions, and depending on how you answer, it will determine your place in our omniverse. You will also be given role models to research according to your results. This test is certified by the Orion Five council. You may begin now.