Q: Who founded Keoki’s Psyche?
A: Keoki’s Psyche was founded by American novelist Keoki Le Monday.

Q: Is there a limit when it comes to your team’s and collaborator’s artistic freedom?
A: We don’t believe in censorship, however, we do follow an undisclosed guideline that’s based on intent and do not promote, recommend, or publish anything that was created to harm anyone in any way.

Q: Do you accept foreign-language submissions?
A: Yes, we do. With that said, there must also be an English translation for our native readers.

Q: How do I get permission to use artwork or short stories from our site?
A: Please fill out the form on the contact page and be sure to indicate which title(s) you are interested in and what material you would like to use as well as complete details regarding the use and your project.

Q: What days are you available for podcasts and interviews?
A: Keoki Le Monday loves to record on the weekends.

Q: Where can I find the site’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use?
A: Click for the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

Q: Who should I reach out to if I have any more questions?
A: If you have any questions, you can contact us directly at [email protected]

Q: What protagonist(s) is/are the most like Keoki Le Monday?
A: Ralph Conners a.k.a. The Time Spirit and Guus Lee Makuto IV.