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‘Nature v. Technology’ by Keoki Le Monday [Fractured Codex]

Nature is understanding life. Technology is explaining life.

Nature is flowing with the universe. Technology is experimenting with the universe.

Nature is embracing magic. Technology is relying on science.

Nature and Technology have a Love/Hate relationship with one another.

Compromise is balance. Nature and Technology are Yin and Yang. There is a duality that exists in the present. It can be a tug-of-war between the past and the future, or a beautiful marriage that protects life from humanity.

Our ego from the system.

Nature and Technology are our evolutionary legs.

Respecting both is the key to a harmonious existence.

‘The Burrito Guédé’ by Keoki Le Monday [Fractured Codex]

The Burrito Guédé represents a combination of taste and flavors that the eater’s tongue has to offer, all at once.

The Burrito Guédé rewards those who can handle him with care and responsibility, otherwise, he will fall apart.

The Burrito Guédé offers delicacies that hole blissful wait times because the mere sight of this diety’s gifts causes continuous deja vu of the inevitable enjoyment of them.

The Burrito Guédé has no discrepancies about what’s placed inside of the diety. The diety wants all that is compatible with one another to enjoy and to be enjoyed.

The Burrito Guédé is best worshipped on Mondays but is appreciative of followers who take the opportunity to show love for its existence.

The Burrito Guédé is neither hot nor cold. It’s the right temperature by your choice, alone.

The Burrito Guédé is in love with gluttony and prevents a crowd.

The Burrito Guédé serves Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.