What if the galaxy is every possibility ingeniously sorted throughout a multiverse for the defragmented consciousnesses of specimens grown by Gods and Goddesses outside of the space-time continuum to experience and provide visual feedback to further evolution on the physical plane? Illusions these creatures project then intercut into segments of their most divine moments for entertainment on television, in movie theaters, between the pages of a book, or behind the screen of a video game. Could you tell the difference between a shockingly convincing reality simulated by such celestial programmers or would you assume that you are the author of your own story and that nothing existed beyond your current understanding?

Could past life memories be imprinted visuals catering to your ego? Would you be able to question your own perception of life as you know it, and if you could without succumbing to malfunctional behavior that might lead to being institutionalized, do you honestly believe that there is anything that you could do to stop yourself from an inevitable fate that’s written in code.

If mankind is constantly evolving within a computer, what happens to outdated programs whose way of living is detrimental to the progress of nature? If non-duality is the path of the enlightened, does prarabdha karma play fair when balancing “good and evil”? If time is relative and pushes us forward on the road of predestination, how often have we died?

We are, individually but together, the ‘Best Possible Outcome’ for the survival of our species, and are slaves to ‘Arc Prompts’. Your instances of deja vu? Mere checkpoints from the bank of the eternal return to let you know that you’re getting closer to the next chapter. The next level. The next episode. The next installment in your movie series.

You’ve made far worse mistakes than the ones that you regret… They did not serve your purpose as you were and are being continually course-corrected.

That voice in your head and thoughts could be anyone or anything, but you can’t prove it because that would ruin the timeline that you’ve been having fun in as a relocated incarnation of a universal soul family. A spirit. An archetype that’s different from another because you get to live multiple lives to gain experience instead of carrying out the tasks of billions of soulless clones or robots.

Why do we/you keep doing this…?

For love.